Why Container Buildings?

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An ISO container is produced with a guarantee of 50 years. If you bought a brand new container, it offers you at least a 45 year life. But for a 8-10 years old container this is around 30 years. However, we do not carry a load after buying the container and care it like a baby. For this reason, so to speak, our containers may be a beautiful heritage handed down to our grandchildren. Of course, provided that you maintain it just as we do...


Containers are eco-friendly. environmentalist, suitable for recycling. No substances containing carcinogenic substances materials are used. For this reason, it is nature-friendly. When we start to transform a container, we generally use wooden elements and do
not prefer pvc-based materials damaging nature. For this reason, the container remains always respectful to the nature.


The only thing you need to move a container from one location to another is a powerful crane, a crane operator and a good truck. There is no need to dig
foundation, a flat surface will be enough for us. Therefore it is very easy to
lift and take a container wherever you like. If you wish to build a structure by
combining multiple containers, you must tell us in advance so that we use
appropriate apparatus accordingly.

Low Cost

In fact, this concept depends on what you want to do by using the container. Such buildings, which do not require foundations are more cost effective than the equivalents. With a second hand container, you can achieve a wonderful home or office by using very simple applications. But if you want to go beyond that, we can produce a dazzling villa for you by using extremely high quality materials and special manufacturing techniques. Of course, in this case we can't say it
is low-cost:)


Yes we are resistant against earthquake. Such steel structure, built on a flat surface will stay as it is even during a class 7 earthquake. In fact, this is even true for a 3 storey container building.

Installation Time Is Short

We prepare many things and prepare the infrastructure in advance. When the container arrives at the site of placement, everything will be completed over an average of 3-4 days.

Customized Design

There is no limit that restricts us to design. If you can communicate well about what you want with our designers, it will be quite easy for us to make customized designs for you.

For All Climates

The containers, being produced for temperatures between -40/+ 70 degrees, can be used comfortably everywhere ranging from cold winter climate to hot desert climate thanks
to the insulation materials that we use within the containers.

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