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Is the ceiling insulated? Is it durable against snow accumulation?

Of course, it is ... We use different materials conforming to the climate
conditions where it is located for your container, and your neither feel cold nor hot. Don't worry about snow accumulation. There is no problem even if several meters of snow accumulate.

Why do I need to buy a container building?

First of all it is very safe; can be ready in a very shorter time than a reinforced concrete building for moving in. It can legally be placed and provides living space on a land without reconstruction permit. It is the most effective way to show how different is your vision from other people...

I would like to have a custom design. Can you prepare a custom design for me?

We design the projects usually by ourselves. We offer the design costs as a separate item in the budget. However, if you have had your project designed by yourself, then we invoice you the furniture, decoration, container and craftsmanship costs.

Is it possible to build a hotel by using only containers?

Of course ... We, NextCo., are already doing it. Currently our project works go on the island of KRK in Croatia, Riva/İstanbul and Bodrum. Moreover, there are a lot of instances in the world. A hotel can be built by using completely containers from A to Z. Please see our rooms and hotel units. Dozens of options awaits you.

Are these containers too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Do you apply insulation?

We apply insulation on the internal surface of the container according to the climate where it will be used. If you live in the South and Aegean regions, we insulate with polyurethane foam and if you live in the Marmara and Central Anatolia region we insulate with rock wool. But if you say that it doesn't matter where you live and you want to have polyurethane foam, we gladly do it.

Can I install air conditioning or stove or electrical heater inside?

Can I have my container painted with color that I want? Or can I cover with printed foil?

Can I have my container painted with color that I want? Or can I cover with printed foil?

Every color you can imagine is possible for us. You just need to let us know your choice. We make the desired colors option specifically for you and we have paint your container in any color that you wish. If you want to have a pattern, we apply it with a custom molded using anti-rust paint carefully on the external surfaces.

Are these structures resistant against earthquake?

Container are highly resistant to earthquakes. While the frames and load-bearing pillars as well as side walls consist of a special blend of steel and iron components, the wall thickness is 3 mm. When it is lifted at four points with a load of 30 tons inside, the maximum stretch is  5 mm.

How long does the product last? Do you grant any warranties?

Since the container is a metal structure, its biggest enemy is rust. When you perform the necessary maintenance on a regular basis, its life is very long. Moreover, in order to grant a warranty, we have to finish the project with a nano-technology paint with nano technology solution for protection. This process increases the cost a bit, but provides you a safe and pleasant life.

If I ask you to use the smart system in my container, can you provide it?

Yes. Our specialist solution partner in this regard does not only set up the custom automation system that you want, but also makes your life very easy by preparing an interface software with a qualified software customized for you... You can easily manage all electrical appliances, lighting, image and sound systems, heating systems through a smart mobile phone.

Can I move it to somewhere else if I want?

Tabiki sadece bizimle birlikte olması şartıyla ve en baştan belirmeniz gerekir ki o na göre altyapısını planlayalım.

How many types of containers are available? What are the dimensions? How many containers can be put on each other?.

There are four types of containers; 20 feet, 40feet, 40feet high cube, 45 feet. The sizes are in to in.

20 feet: 6mt depth 2.40mt high 2.35 width
40 feet: 12mt depth 2.40mt high 2.35 width
40 feet HC: 12mt depth 2.70 high 2.35 width
45 feet : 13mt depth 2.70 high 2.35 width

Is it fireproof?

NextCo offers you alternative packages before starting the project. One of those packages includes fireproof cable and fireproof insulation system. If you accept this package, the insulation materials used in the container can withstand a temperature of 1250 degrees and the cables of all infrastructure systems are of oxygen free cable. The property of this cable is the process where the external coating of the copper wire is purged of oxygen. Therefore, no electrical contacts or overload that might cause fire can occur. Even if such instances occur, it still does not constitute a risk because our infrastructure and insulation materials are fireproof. However the cost of these products are slightly over than the standard materials.

What size do I create a structure? How many floors? How many m2. The basic need to dig?

You can build a fairly large structure ... Each of the load bearing pillars at four corners of the container have been designed to carry 25 tons payload individually.Thus a total of 100 tons vertical carrying capacity is obtained. Horizontally, you can add as much as you want to. The empty weight of a 40 ft HC container is 4 tons. The container requires 40 cm x 40 cm square concrete or steel beam poles at six points.

Do you maintain the original doors of the container?

We especially want to maintain the original form. That's what makes you to live main atmosphere, if we cut it, then there is no need for the container, we can build any structure with steel girders.

How long does the paint last? Does it rust?

Since the containers are built of metal, they require your maintenance every year and if they are not treated as required, they may be rusted over time. However, if an additional budget is provided, the paint made with nano technology and protection solution this problem is eliminated.

How long is the production time?

Under normal conditions we deliver a standard 20 ft container in 20 days and a 40 ft container in 30 days. However, depending on the intensity of the projects this period may be up to 90 days.